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kiikachu replied to your post: man I just love when you start playing a new video…
“Have you been playing more SH? :>”

Not exactly personally, but I watched my sis play for a while when she was here last sunday!! We got to the elementary school and entered it, got attacked by monsters in the dark, screamed NOPE and decided it was time to go to sleep HAHAHAHA

I’ve really been feeling like playing more of it these last days but I’m not sure how far I’ll manage alone until I scream and throw my controller into the wall HAHA

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man I just love when you start playing a new video game and feel right from the very start that it’s gonna be something special, it just pulls you into its world and you just forget about anything else. it’s amazing. I think the best examples of it that I’ve played are majora’s mask, silent hill, off and earthbound… the atmosphere and beginnings of those games are so good, you just know instantly what the games are all about haha… video games…. man

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Shulk? Who the hell is Shulk?
Pit? Who the hell is Pit?
Ice Climbers? Who the hell are the Ice Climbers?
Ness? Who the hell is Ness?